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EXIBITIONS (only those since 2005):

10.08 - 12.08

St. Marien Hospital, Gelsenkirchen-Buer

06.08 - 08.08

Jazz & Art Galerie, Gelsenkirchen

10.07 - 12.07

Ladenkirche, Mühlheim an der Ruhr

09.05 - 11.05

Im Speicher, Stralsund



Born in Germany in the early fifties of last century I live now after an intermezzo in USA, Canada and South America for more than 20 years in the Ruhr Area not far away from Düsseldorf. Since a few years I'm retired and have now more than enough time for my passions: photography and traveling.

When I start my photography carreer 40 years ago I found out very quickly that B&W is enough colour for me (that will not exclude to use colour but B&W has doubtless priority). And I have also learned for best quality it's a must to control the whole process from "catching the moment" till the final photo on a piece of white paper. Therefore my photographer carreer is inseparately aligned with my darkroom carreer. And what is today in the so called digital age? Well that's a good point. When you work analog today sometimes you have the feeling to be a real dinosaur. But lately when in an exibition for example someone ask you about that unbelievable quality of your prints and you can say well that's not an ink jet print but a good old silver gelantine baryt paper and you earn an amazing "oooh" then you know you are not a dinosaur. And when I see that my darkroom workshops lately without promotion are fully booked then I have no doubt that analog techniques will survive. To build a bridge in this new digital age I work hybrid with analog materials and some digital scanners. That's not perfect but for the rest you have Photoshop.

my work

I work with different film formats (24x36 and 6x7) mainly with Kodak TMX and TMY. The negatives will be printed mainly on high glossy Ilford FB or PE materials. Therefore the photo paper assortment increase today I will in future also test other brands. Most photographs will be toned either with selenium or sepia toner. In special case I do also lith printings and bromol prints. At this place I will say nothing about the used technique like cameras or lenses etc. because this is in my oppinion not important compare to the picture itself. In other words a bad photo snaped by a high quality camera is much worse then a good photo snaped by a low cost camera. Not the technique determine the quality but the photographer.