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To buy a print is easy. Below every shown picture is an order number (e.g. 001_NY07_2662-0014-OE). The last two digits define whether this picture is from an open (OE), limited (LE) or special edition (SE).

Open edition prints:

Color prints (COP) are silver gelantine prints on glossy Fuji or Kodak paper in best quality. Color prints are only available in open or special edition prints. B&W prints (BWP) are silver gelatine fine art prints personal handmade. They are printed on high glossy Ilford like baryt paper and toned as mentioned. All prints are signed. The pricing is independed from the print run.

Limited edition prints:

Are or will be made available to order prints of 15 up to 20 with up to 3 artist's proof. All prints are numbered and signed. Pricing is fixed.

Special edition prints:

Special pricing for single pictures or series of pictures which should be close together e.g. series (discount). Ask for details.


In general you have two options to buy a picture - mounted on a near white acid and lignin-free buffered board together with a cremy white or (for color recommended) neutral grey passepartout in standard museum quality in suitable archival boxes or additionally framing in a professional frame system (Nielson like). Archive boxes and professional frames will be packed accurately and shipped carefully. Shipping (and transport assurance) is NOT included. Pricing on request. Unmounted prints in archival boxes are available on request. A discount applies to all orders of two or more prints. Ask for details. All prints are

available in (Type A unmounted, Type B mounted or framed)

            - Type A:          30x40 cm (12x16 ") or 40x50 cm (16x20 ")

            - Type B:           50x60 cm (20x24 ") or 60x70 cm (24x27 ")

Typical Pricing (depend on dimensions):

            - COP                Open Edition                  70 to  90  €

            - BWP               Open Edition                 200 to 250 €

            - BWP               Limited Edition               400 to 600 €

Special editions on request. For framing with Nielson like systems you have to add appr. 40 - 80 € per print. Larger or smaller as well as un--mounted prints are on request.


B&W print on board with passepartout and professional framing  (example)

Typical archiv boxes acid- and lignin free (example)